Rallying the Troops


Now for the challenging part!  Unless your group members had some input as to the type of fundraiser you’ve chosen, you may be in need of some salesmanship skills.  Here are some ideas to help get your group members motivated…

1.    Attitude is EVERYTHING! – Show EXCITEMENT when talking about your fundraiser, and talk about all the fun you will have working on this project together!

2.    If your company offers sales incentives (like 1 free T-shirt for every 10 sold), be sure to share that information with your group members right off the bat.

3.    If your company does not offer sales incentives, you may want to offer your own.

4.    Hold a contest with prizes for the top 3 sellers.

5.    Show your group members the company website and all the products you’ll be selling.

6.    Get some product samples ahead of time to increase excitement. – i.e. If you’ll be selling Catholic T-shirts, purchase some ahead of time for group members to wear during the sale, and let them each choose their favorite design!

7.    Allow your group members to reap the rewards of their individual efforts. --  i.e. If Andy sells 20 T-shirts, let his earnings be applied directly towards his costs of the next conference he attends.

8.    If your group will be doing individual sales with brochures and order forms, provide them with ideas on who they might sell to and how they should approach potential customers.

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